Automatic Follow-up messages with Pocket Response.


If a

customer has recently visited your business, you may wish to follow-up or check

in with him after the booking. Perhaps, you have some specific

information, which you'd like to send him (like after-care instructions), or you'd like

to collect some feedback from him about his experience. Following up your individual

customers is very important since the SMS/Mobile text you are sending, will give

your customer a feeling that you do care about what the customers think about you.

You can create any number

of follow-up messages, that can be sent via SMS. They will be sent to

customers at a set time after people have visited you. You can restrict

and customize these messages according to specific services, new customers or particular

booking statuses and make sure a message is sent to a customer only once.


instance, you can use our system to:

  • Welcome new


  • Thank

    customers for visiting your business.

  • Send after-care

    instructions after a specific service/treatment.

  • Encourage

    customers to review/share their experience.

  • Ask the

    customer to complete an online form.

  • Share

    information guides or documents with customers.

We have the

possibility to sync your customer data through calendar links, like iCal or by

manual input. We also do integration for customers, that have booking systems equipped with an API.

Pocket Response API is also available for certain services.

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