SMS Voting and SMS Feedback System made easy for everyone.

Pocket Response gives you a set of tools for your lecture, marketing campain, feedback information.

It rely on the robust Examinare Survey Tool and extends the Examinare system to enable you to make advanced SMS-campains and SMS-voting easy and affordable.

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We make SMS-voting and SMS-campains easy.

SMS-voting desk.

With the Pocket Response voting desk you can easily structure up a voting flow where every vote can be displayed on an external computer. Showing the information in graphs or in captures directly on the screen.

All is moderated from your account and projected in real-time to the voting projector.

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SMS-Feedback tracking.

Our SMS-feedback solution lets you structure up a flow after someone sends you an sms. After the sms has been added to your magic poll inside Examinare account it will automatically be displayed inside your SMS-feedback.

You can then add flags yourself for read, escalated, sent or closed to track all information. You can also send a message back to the recipient from the same view.

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Pocket Response is a part of the offerings from Examinare AB. Contact sales to get started.

Short about Examinare. Examinare is the main service offered by Examinare AB. It all started when one of our main customers wanted to create a survey to be conducted on the web and on the street. We created a platform for data mining on this project. After the project was finished, we got more clients who wanted similar service. What started out as a single project became our livelihood. We always improve the platform and are working on getting the technology accessible to everyone in their own language.

We aim to satisfy our customers by always being available when they need our support. If you are not a customer yet, we hope you become one soon.

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